Visa Introduces High-Brand Risk Merchant Registration

Nov 3, 2020 | Merchants, News

Visa recently introduced new rules for high-brand risk merchants requiring global registration — a requirement that was already in use by Mastercard. Visa has expanded the categories identified as a high-brand risk as of October 17, 2020.

Currently Mastercard requires registration of the high-risk merchant types, including sub-merchants of payment facilitators, using the Mastercard Registration Program. Mastercard assesses an annual $500 USD registration fee for each merchant and sub-merchant under the high-risk categories. Visa will implement the same annual registration fee.

Visa is expanding the existing high-brand risk (HBR) merchant registration program globally and adding categories to the list of merchants warranting additional oversight. During registration, key information about the merchant is gathered and provided to Visa for review such as the merchant’s URL(s), principal identity/identities, business address, dates of site inspection, and approved monthly sales volume.