True Payments, LLC is owned and operated by Barbara Meyers and is an authorized reseller of the Genie Gateway suite of products. Barbara has more than 17 years experience working with individuals and businesses to integrate Visa and Mastercard processing solutions. She entered the credit card processing industry in 2002 working for a company called Sage software and has provided merchant services for a range of industries including medical software companies, restaurants, retail stores and ecommerce.

In 2012, Barbara transitioned from traditional merchant services to create True Payments LLC. At its core, True Payments is a payment solutions company created to help high risk businesses — including the cannabis industry — have a reliable and affordable merchant processing system and provide a safe alternative for cash-heavy businesses to keep their money in a safe place.

Barbara Meyers Owner of True Payments, LLC

No Credit Check


No Bank Account Needed


FDIC Insurance of $250,000

Per GenieCard